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King of Avalon Hack and Cheats

For a few weeks now, a new ritual has crept into my daily routine. Instead of scrolling through the thousand dog photos of my timeline on Facebook in the morning, I first look to see whether my city has been attacked.

Sometimes my cheerfully burning city wall greets me, but now my defences are also able to withstand a few attacks.  We’re talking about King of Avalon from Diandian Interactive Holding.

King Of Avalon Hack

In this real-time strategy game, you rule as a king over a city and do everything you can to defend it and at the same time, make it bigger and more powerful. And that almost degenerates into stress! There is a lot to do in the Kingdom!

What is special in King of Avalon

King of Avalon is incredibly extensive and you could probably say a lot more about it. The graphics are reminiscent of earlier construction games for the computer and the background music is atmospheric and fits the game perfectly.

There are so many side jobs that you should really play actively if you want to take all the events with you. The compulsion to join an alliance is quite high. Otherwise, a lonely wolf will attack you continuously. Even small alliances regularly get a few on the nose. If you don’t try to make alliances and non-aggression pacts, it’s hard.

You also need a bit of patience when expanding the building to a higher level, because it can take longer than a day. The long-term motivation of King of Avalon is given by many varied events.

Building a kingdom

King of Avalon is a typical real-time strategy game in which building a feudal city is, of course, a big part of the game. In the beginning, the player is introduced to the basics by a tutorial and gradually builds up his city. There is not much leeway within the city walls as to where to build which buildings.

In front of the gates, however, you can creatively distribute farms, sawmills, mines or even military tents and hospitals. As the level increases, you also get more construction space. Every building in King of Avalon has specific tasks. The largest building, of course, is the fortress, which can be used to activate city thrusts, such as peace shields that prevent attacks and view the statistics of your city.

Right next to it is the dragon cave, because what would the king of a fantasy kingdom be without his dragon? Even the dragon does not want to go into battle alone, so there are several ways to train troops. The barracks train infantry, the stables the cavalry and the archery range the archers. You can also build siege troops at the siege workshop and traps in the trap factory for defence.

All of these troops are standing on the parade ground in front of the city, waiting to go into battle. Within the city, walls are still the smithy where equipment for the king can be made, a war hall for campaigns, an embassy, ​​a warehouse, a university, a tavern … Fortunately, the tutorial gives you an overview.

King Of Avalon Cheats

Almost all of the buildings in King of Avalon are level and, like the Lord or the Dragon, can level up. Exceptions are, for example, the treasury, the spirit chamber or the hero council.

Of dragons and heroes

The kite is initially a cute little cub and ages into a full-grown beast as it levels. It can be killed by distributing attacker or protector points. A dragon with mostly attack points becomes evil.

He supports the troops in combat and his skills also focus on attack and defence. As an evil dragon, his scales are red; if you invest even more attack points, he becomes a brutal dragon on a black scale dress.

There is the same thing again in the other direction, so a protector kite first becomes pure and then radiant, its colour becomes lighter, and it supports the ability to collect. In addition to the dragon, there are heroes that can be summoned in the Hero Council and support the troops with additional stats.

Alliances in King of Avalon

It is highly recommended to join an alliance because you are constantly attacked without allies. If you belong to an alliance, the risk is lower, but the other way around, it means that you quickly draw the anger of a community of players when you attack a player with an alliance.

Other advantages of a King of Avalon alliance are events such as the portal event or the opportunity to help each other with resources. And of course, you have someone to talk to when you are bored.

 The alliance also levels up and gradually unlocks new buildings. You can gather resources at the Alliance farm or sawmill, heal your troops in the Alliance Alliance Alliance Hospital, and store some of your resources in the Alliance warehouse.

Freely distributed in the area outside of your own city, there are other farms, sawmills and mines where you can collect. Also in the area are monsters against which you can fight alone and barbarian camps that you can attack as a campaign with the alliance. There is loot in both cases.


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King Of Avalon Generator

King of Avalon is a free-to-play strategy whose tradition is based on Arthurian legend. While it’s not that far from the ever-popular Tolkienesque high fantasy, I like to see game devs delve into various myths and legends. Despite that sniff of fresh air, though King of Avalon goes for the upheld genre formula, you will know from the game of war, Vikings: War of the Clans and other games of their kind. It also shares a similar style to you. This has the double impact of being easily predictable on the one hand, and a bit uninspiring on the other.

As the lord of the castle, you are tasked with creating and updating various business, military, research and defence systems. Create a standard F2P-Aare with waiting times that start in a few minutes, but then stretch for hours, depending on the building and how far you are upgrading. As always, you can pay gold. (Premium Currency) In conclusion, build immediately or use accelerated tokens that sometimes fall after PVE battles. These can take between five minutes and an hour of waiting times.

There are starter packs you can pay real money for which give you XP and resources, so getting a leg-up is definitely easier if you have the money. Developing and upgrading your castle allows you to gather larger and better armies that, outside of the PVE, you use to attack and defend against other players.

For what purpose I’m not quite sure yet, but before I figured out a long time picking a fight with a player a couple of steps above me was a good idea – I’m so smart.

After sending a scout out to assess their defences and watching my army on the map for a good ninety seconds in March, I was surprised by the lack of a combat screen of any kind. Not even a post-combat screen! Instead, I only got fight noises and a pretty janky looped animation from my men taking out their anger on thin air.

We spent days staring at our (sort of) archenemy, the dreaded other alliance, Who Dare, Fig Huddle together in the clearing next to us. The game mentioned several times how you could work with other members of your alliance for events and other PVE, but whenever I tried, I was put back in my seat and essentially said that neither I nor my allies were of a higher level and had a certain level Requirement building.

This struck double-tongued design and felt like a PC MMO to prevent you from partying until you reached 10 or something like that – just with less signage. King of Avalon seems to inhabit this new generation of MMO, wherewith other people who just can’t be seen while grinding is enough to meet the “multiplayer” part of the acronym.

Speaking of loops, King of Avalon PVE part allows you to send out your always obedient army to murder a variety of fantasy creatures for their hideous crimes of … … threatening to stand? They come in a variety of different levels, but at the end of the day all you have to do is make sure that every force you send out to send them out has more numbers than they do and victory will give you. Oddly enough, in all instances where I hadn’t bothered to read the numbers and my army was beaten, no injuries occurred.

Regarding the look King of Avalon is certainly beautiful to look at with its good-looking pre-rendered backgrounds and your individual castle looks mainly picturesque.

King Of Avalon Hack Tool

The user interface is smooth and with no blatant responsiveness problems, which often games like this plague can be easy. I find it a bit difficult when it comes to collecting rewards or reading news. For example, a scouting report I have to leave the main screen, go to the Messages screen and then access it under the “Reports” tab.

This might as well appear on the main screen when the scout returns. As mentioned earlier, the game animation can be a bit janky walking with my army over water a few times or combat units that had been killed before they arrived.

The camera is also a big problem since it suffers in age; the old strategy game Misery doesn’t let you zoom out closely enough so circumnavigating it rapidly becomes frustrating.

Most of the “positives” of the game are in similar games that deliver a more comprehensive package, and finally, Avalon lacks imagination. It’s like these B-class action movies you can prime on Netix with Dolph Lundgren or some other star. They’re just fun when you’re bored but you can easily find the same formula better done elsewhere.

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