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King Of Avalon – Top 5 Hints Beginners, Should Follow!

Are you new to King of Avalon? If yes, then it is important to learn the pure basics and pay attention to vital tips and tricks. Never forget to check out the tips that we are going to discuss in the below post. Using these tips will help to improve your performance and brighten up your winning chances.

  1. Accomplish missions and challenges

Plenty of goals and missions are out there that you need to accomplish in order to claim your rewards. You should focus on all these goals in order to accomplish them quickly. Make a good strategy and then try to complete these tasks faster to gain in-game currencies. The importance of virtual currency shouldn’t be ignored. If you are trying to earn currencies, then you should try to accomplish several missions and challenges faster. You can also get weapons and gold in the form of rewards by completing these tasks.

  • claim the login rewards

If you are playing this game, then you shouldn’t forget to open the game once in a day. First of all, you should connect the game with Facebook, and then it is important to claim your rewards. Along with free rewards, you can also enjoy many other perks. Try to claim all of your rewards and then make the right use of them later to make progress faster. It is also important for players to log in to the game daily to claim the rewards that they can use later to make the most out of them. 

  • daily tasks

Along with the other tasks, the game developers also offer many daily tasks that offer amazing rewards. If you are completing these tasks on a regular basis, then you are able to get the rewards. You can get several types of rewards, including in-game currencies and various items. Try to accomplish the daily tasks on time to get your rewards. With the help of considering this tip, you are also able to level up faster and reach the advanced stages of the game in no time.

  • enter into an alliance

While playing King of Avalon, you should never ignore the importance of joining an alliance. First of all, know the basics and then also understand the significance of alliance. Many alliances can be found in the game, but you should join the one to take advantage. Try to find an active alliance to get assistance from your fellow members. Try to stay active in the alliance in order to keep yourself in it for a long time. Get assistance from the other players, and improve your winning chances.

  • try to get gold coins

Gold has a significant role in the game, and you should never ignore it. While playing the game, you need to know the importance of gold coins. By leveling up, you can get these coins. Try to spend the gold coins wisely in order to improve your skills and train your soldiers to grow your empire faster. You can also attack cities with the help of gold coins.